Transitional Year


The objective of the Transitional Year Program is to provide a well-balanced non-categorical training year, with exposure to multiple clinical disciplines to facilitate the choice of, and/or preparation for, specialty training. The rotations are designed to assist the intern in developing the skills necessary to perform thorough patient evaluations, make appropriate assessments, and develop rational diagnostic and therapeutic plans.

The core curriculum (consisting of rotations in medicine, general surgery, family medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, trauma, ICU/critical care, and emergency medicine) is required for all interns. Three electives are available, with guidance provided by the program director based on individual career goals. Each intern is required to formulate and present a research project prior to completion of the training year. Other requirements include evidence-based medicine journal club, simulation/practical skills labs, and case study exercises. This combination of required rotations and broad range of elective opportunities, provides the breadth and depth of training required for various practice settings, whether as a general medical officer or for continued specialty training.

Sponsorship of the Transitional Year Program is provided by the Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and General Surgery residency programs. The program is designed to meet the same standards of high quality graduate medical education offered by the categorical intern programs at Eisenhower Army Medical Center, as well as other residency programs through the United States. The program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

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