DENTAC Resident Program

Congratulations on being selected for Advanced Dental Education and welcome to the Fort Gordon DENTAC Residency Program. As a part of your residency training, you will be taking classes at the Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. Please complete the Admissions Requirements form and return it to our Advanced Dental Education Office no later than April 2nd.
Master's Degree
Additionally, if you will be pursing a Master's Degree in Oral Biology, you must also complete an admission application and return the information to Augusta University. You may obtain an application by accessing the website.
If you have any questions, contact the Resident Training Support Assistant,
at DSN 773-6205 or Comm. (706) 787-6205.
Contact Information 

(706) 787-6205


DSN 773-6073 or Comm. (706) 787-6073




U.S. Army Dental Activity
Attn: Advanced Dental Education Office
320 East Hospital Road, Room A102
Ft. Gordon, GA 30905-5660