Research Education-Training

Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) Website Training Requirement
Federal regulations for human use research require extensive training for HRPP personnel. The website address is click here. A CITI Completion certificate will be issued by CITI after successful completion of the course. The certificate must be submitted to the IRB with all required documents. Delays in completing required training will result in a delay of review or release of project approval by the DDEAMC IRB.

Acceptance of Other Education Programs
The DDEAMC HRPO will accept training completed through other programs or institutions, although additional documentation may be required to verify program content.

Other Educational Opportunities

There are several opportunities for education to include the following:

  • Clinical Investigation Regulatory Office (CIRO), Clinical Investigation Program (CIP) Education Program - Offered, as available, to all members of the HRPP
  • Research Consults - Offered by HRPO staff as needed in the DDEAMC facility for individual training and consultation on developing or continuing research projects
  • An initial DCI Orientation is offered annually for all new participants in the graduate medical and dental education programs
  • Resident Briefings - as requested by departments
  • IRB members receive training at most monthly IRB meetings
  • Individual training is encouraged and is available upon request